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Only genuine spare parts ensure full working order of MWM equipment

MWM spare parts and professional maintenance service are the safe choice for your business.

As an authorized dealer of MWM, we offer retail sale of genuine spare parts for MWM engines and power-generating sets. First of all, we ensure efficient delivery logistics, with minimum waiting time for spare parts.

Both service repairs and delivered MWM spare parts are covered with a 12-month warranty with no limitation concerning operating hours of the equipment. (Full warranty statement available on request)

Apart from selling new parts, we also provide used parts regeneration services on customer’s special demand.

Xchange – MWM factory-regenerated spare parts programme

Xchange is a parts replacement programme for medium and large MWM engines. This is an economically attractive alternative for maintaining equipment on site. Thanks to our technical knowledge, we provide factory-regenerated spare parts for engine blocks i.e. cylinder heads and Short Block.

Our customers are offered a manufacturer’s warranty for high quality MWM spare parts. Extremely speedy delivery of ordered parts shortens potential downtime to the minimum. At the same time, efficient management of used parts – receiving and forwarding them to the plant – completes the used parts’ lifecycle and saves outlay related to logistics and downtime.

Delivery logistics – short waiting time for MWM spare parts

Quick and reliable spare parts deliveries constitute a crucial factor in choosing our service and determine our competitiveness against other companies offering similar services. These deliveries are possible thanks to two parts warehouses in Poland and the Logistics Center in Lorsch (Germany) – one of the most advanced facilities of its type in the world.

Enhanced logistic processes make it possible to offer a very short timescale for parts delivery, from the moment of placing an order to dispatching and handing the part over to the customer. This also ensure considerable time savings for our customers and minimizes potential downtime.

About logistics center:

Efficient delivery logistics

The logistics Centre in Lorsch is a central storage point of all MWM spare parts. This is where MWM coordinates the dispatch and delivery of spare parts to power and thermal power plants around the world. The centre is located just 30 km from the airport – so, in case of emergency orders, our air freight partners can ensure expedited shipping. If needed, parts purchase orders placed before 2 pm are ready for dispatch on the same day.

Over two milion off-the-shelf parts in the warehouse

The most advanced logistics center ensures a maximum security of delivery. The whole supply chain – starting from the order received at the call center, warehouse logistics and scheduling – is focused in a single location. Over two million parts – starting from seals weighing 1 g to crankcases weighing over 20 tons – are accessible in MWM Logistics Center and can be dispatched to customers 24 hours a day.

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